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HEEE holds the second quarter of 2021 safety production conference and the establishment of the safety committee
Source:       Release Date:2021-06-23

        June 2021 is the 20th National "Safety Production Month" with the theme "Implementing Safety Responsibilities and Promoting Safe Development". Focusing on this theme, on the morning of June 21, HEEE held the second quarter of 2021 production safety conference and the establishment of the safety committee. Chairman Zhou Xin'an, Chief Expert Shou Yifeng, General Manager Li Qian of Business One, Lan Tian, General Manager of Business Two attended the meeting, and heads of various functional departments attended the meeting.

        At the beginning of the meeting, An Yingjie, deputy manager of the EHS Department, announced the organizational structure of the Hangzhou Energy Safety Committee and the work system of the Safety Committee, which were approved by all participants.

Read out the organizational structure

All members vote
        After all the staff watched the safety warning video, An Yingjie analyzed and judged the current safety production situation, notified the company's safety incidents in the first half of the year and the problems found in the project safety inspection, proposed corresponding improvement measures, and reviewed the main safety production in the second half of the year. Work has been arranged.

        Safety specialist He Bin shared the safety of the Shanghai Laogang Phase II project from four aspects: "What is safety production standardization", "How to do safety production standardization", "What to do with safety production standardization", and "Sharing project civilized construction legends" Civilized construction experience.

        Li Qian, general manager of the business department, said that saving time and money are the two major obstacles to safety. In the face of safety, there must be "two nos", one is not to save trouble, and the other is not to save money.
        Lan Tian, general manager of the second business department, said that safe work is a very important job for HEEE, who is engaged in the biogas industry, and safety is greater than the sky. "The most important thing in safe work is to prevent problems before they happen. How can we prevent them from happening before they happen? We need to be aware of things that happen before they happen. First, we must be aware of safety and always have a sense of awe; second, we must have a sense of responsibility and treat ourselves and others. Be responsible, act in accordance with systems and procedures, avoid potential risks, and truly prevent problems before they happen."
        Wang Hufeng, the manager of the equipment department, reviewed the workshop accident. Although the accident did not cause serious consequences, the problems exposed should be taken seriously. Employees' frequent unsafe behaviors can make them feel comfortable at work, but they are very risky. Unsafe behaviors must be stopped and safety tights must be put on.
        Chief expert Shou Yifeng pointed out at the meeting that our industry is a high-risk industry, and once an accident occurs, it will cause huge consequences. Safety work requires attention from leaders and everyone is responsible. Everyone must do a good job of safety within their duties. In view of the frequent occurrence of recent safety accidents and the inadequate investigation and management of hidden project hazards, Shou Yifeng proposed that safety accidents must not be concealed and the management of hidden hazards should be highly valued; special attention should be paid to the safety production management during the commissioning and operation phases, and the commissioning And strengthen the supervision and pre-approval of the maintenance plan for the elimination and maintenance of the operation phase; for the current safety work, it is necessary to make up lessons in the system and work process, and severe penalties for violations. In the end, Shou Yifeng emphasized that a high degree of vigilance must always be maintained when safety work is always in progress.
        At the meeting, the main persons in charge made speeches on current safety issues. Leaders of relevant departments such as Shi Dongwei, He Lian, and Wu Jian also put forward requirements for the company's safety work at the meeting.

        Chairman Zhou Xinan made a summary of the meeting and gave five instructions for the company's safety work:
• One is to affirm the safety management work: He affirmed the safety work of the EHS department of "implementation, customization, and on-site". At the same time, he pointed out the three main elements of safety work: safety input, staffing, and system documents. The project site must increase the investment in safety costs, such as setting up safety signs, equipped with well-equipped spreaders, etc.; project safety management personnel must be in place; complete safety management system documents must be formulated, and the process documents must be true and not fraudulent.

• The second is to manage and control high-risk construction operations: each project must do a good job in high-risk construction safety management such as heights, hoisting, holes, hot fires, and confined spaces. It is necessary to strictly follow the dangerous operation management system to do a good job in high-risk construction operations, especially in confined space operations. Each project should use the Shanghai Laogang project as a model for confined space operation management.

• The third is to implement operational safety procedures: each project must implement process management, unaccepted projects and unfinished projects shall not be commissioned, commissioned and run; the Shanghai Laogang project must be used as a model, and safety and environmental requirements can be issued to the owner before the project enters the site. A contact list for coordinating work.

• The fourth is to change the concept of safety work: Judging from the problems exposed in the safety inspection, the safety awareness of the personnel on the project is very weak and lacks awe for safety work. All employees of HEEE must always have the risk awareness of "accidents are very close to us". . All projects need to increase investment in safety costs and pay attention to the investigation and management of hidden dangers.

• The fifth is to improve the safety awareness of all employees: safety risks not only exist in the project, there are also safety risks in the office area and on the way to and from get off work. The EHS Department should carry out safety awareness training for all employees.
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